Defective Stairs & Walkways

Defective Stairs & Walkways

Manhole Cover Accident

Manhole covers are meant to keep unauthorized people out of the manhole and to prevent someone from falling into the sewer or underground. Loose or cracked covers offer little protection from the dangers below for innocent people walking over them.

Raised Cellar Doors

An open, raised cellar door poses a danger to anyone walking along the pavement. Falling through to the cellar stairs or floor below can cause catastrophic, even fatal injuries. Contact Bader & Yakaitis, LLP if you have been a victim of this preventable accident.

Defective Stairs

A slip and fall or trip and fall is a preventable disaster. Building owners, business owners and others could save their customers a great deal of pain and expense if they regularly inspect stairs and maintain them in adequate condition, keep debris and objects off of steps and stairways, erect secure handrails, fix loose steps, repair torn carpeting and don’t let moisture accumulate on the steps. When these simple precautions are not taken, innocent people fall. Death, disability and pain result.