Bader & Yakaitis, LLP Partner

Universally regarded as an excellent advocate, Paul has obtained more than twenty multi-million dollar verdicts for his clients. Elected to the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, partner Paul Yakaitis has served in this prestigious position since 2004. Paul is also an active member of the American Association for Justice, an organization dedicated to protecting individuals against predatory corporate management and neglectful government.


Paul Yakaitis fought hard during a five-week trial to obtain the compensation due a 26-year old man who, in the course of his work at a construction site, fell from a ladder and suffered a closed head brain injury [the skull did not fracture nor was brain surgery necessary]. A jury found that our client’s employer had negligently failed to provide a scaffold to him. The jury awarded our client $7,360,000-the largest sustained verdict [upheld by a higher court] for a closed hard injury ever awarded in the state of New York.

Negotiated a $9,460,000 settlement for our client who suffered ataxia and slurred speech as a result of an accident at the construction site where he worked.

Successfully negotiated a $1.8 million settlement for a 40-year-old Queens woman who was assaulted by an intruder in the laundry room of her apartment building.

Negotiated a $3 million post-trial settlement in favor of our client whom a police officer had shot during a criminal investigation. Paul also successfully tried to a $950,000 verdict the case of a 27-year-old woman who NYPD officers wrongfully arrested. Having merely sounded her horn, our client was approached by officers who would later claim our client had refused their request for identification. During the wrongful arrest, our client sustained a neck injury and was detained at the precinct for a lengthy period.

Obtained a $500,000 verdict for a seven-year-old child who suffered second-degree burns when his skin came in contact with a steam riser pipe located in the rented apartment he shared with his single mom.

Obtained a $1,125,000 verdict for a female tenant who suffered an assault due to inadequate door locks.

As an attorney skilled in trying slip and fall cases; helped a client win a $1.2 million verdict that will compensate her for the fractured foot she suffered as a result of a slippery floor at a national department store in Queens.

Paul also lent his trial skills and knowledge to the cause of a construction worker who suffered leg injuries when shoring gave way and buried his lower body. Paul’s efforts won over $3.2 million for our client.

Paul Yakaitis’ in-depth experience with scaffolding accidents enabled him to negotiate a $1,700,000 settlement for our client who suffered a fractured pelvis when he fell from a scaffold.

Paul Yakaitis convinced a jury that our client, a mechanic, was in no way at fault in the forklift accident that caused him to suffer bilateral arm injuries. Having negotiated a high-low agreement on our client’s behalf, Paul proved that the defendant’s negligence was 100 percent responsible for the accident, and our client was awarded $650,000.

In a highly publicized case against the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Paul Yakaitis helped a musician and aspiring composer receive over $2.9 million in damages. He sustained neurological damage when standing on a city corner; he was struck in the head by a bus’ side view mirror. Paul convinced a jury that far from the mere broken arm and a slight concussion that the Transit Authority claimed our client had suffered, his brain injuries left him unable to continue his promising musical career.

Our firm is pleased that Paul Yakaitis helped a teenager employed as a machine press operator receive his just compensation of $2.5 million. This verdict against the manufacturer of the equipment helped compensate our client for a crush injury to his ring and pinky fingers that he suffered due to an absence of a proper guard on the punch press machine.