Negligent Building Owners and Landlords 

Negligent Building Owners and Landlords 

Dangers on property injure or kill

Grocery stores, shopping malls, office buildings, apartment buildings, parking garages, and schools can be dangerous places. New York law requires business owners, landlords, retailers and property owners to protect tenants, employees, customers, and visitors from dangerous conditions on their property. When they don’t, unsafe conditions are created, and people get hurt. The New York premises liability attorneys of Bader & Yakaitis, LLP, helps make property owners pay. We use our extensive knowledge and resources to investigate the accident and fight for victims of dangerous conditions on property including:

  • unsafe sidewalks and common areas
  • uneven pavement
  • damaged or defective handrails
  • unsafe buildings
  • loose steps
  • inadequate security
  • poor lighting
  • building code violations

Property owners must provide a reasonable degree of safety. If their failure to live up to this responsibility results in injury, the innocent victim may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, pain, disfigurement, or disability. As our satisfied clients know, it takes the aggressive, experienced trial lawyers of Bader & Yakaitis to analyze and reconstruct the catastrophe, and prove that the property owner is at fault.


A slip and fall or trip and fall is a preventable disaster. Building owners, business owners and others could save their customers a great deal of pain and expense if they regularly inspect stairs and maintain them in adequate condition, keep debris and objects off of steps and stairways, erect secure handrails, fix loose steps, repair torn carpeting and don’t let moisture accumulate on the steps. When these simple precautions are not taken, innocent people fall. Death, disability and pain result.
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If you fall while shopping at or visiting the property of another, the business owner or owner of the property may be held responsible. They have a duty to meet building code requirements and keep their property free from obstacles and hazards that can cause a customer or visitor to slip and fall or trip and fall. Their failure to keep liquids, debris, wires, cords and other obstacles off the floors and areas where customers or visitors are expected to walk creates a slipping or tripping hazard. The law requires that they compensate the victim for medical expenses, lost income, and reduced quality of life resulting from a fall-related injury that is their fault.


Not all slip-and-fall injuries occur inside a building. Sometimes, a customer or visitor is injured while walking on a sidewalk or walkway leading to a business or home. The law demands that the property owner maintain sidewalks and walkways in a safe manner. If the sidewalk or walkway is public property, the law demands that the city or another public authority keep it safe for intended travel. When business owners, property owners, the city or public authorities fail to do so, Bader & Yakaitis, LLP can help make them pay for injuries ranging from ankle sprains to head or spinal cord injuries or even death. More on sidewalks and walkways »

Ceiling collapse

Some owners of business or residential buildings fail to maintain the ceilings overhead. It is a prescription for disaster. Severe impact to the head from ceiling panels or chunks of material can leave the victim suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or there can be catastrophic injury to the back.

Defective flooring (rugs, rain mats, etc.)

An injured tenant or visitor may have a claim against a landlord or property owner who fails to maintain the floor, rugs, carpet and mats in a condition that does not cause tripping or slipping. Bader & Yakaitis, LLP can help you receive the compensation to help with medical expenses and lost income.

Lead poisoning

Older buildings may contain lead-based paint that can peel and chip. This poses the greatest risk to children who are at the risk of learning disabilities, hearing problems and stunted growth. Our firm fights to protect the rights of these innocent children. More on lead poisoning»

Fall in a supermarket

A trip to the supermarket can turn into tragedy when store owners or their employees fail to keep the aisle floors clear of slippery liquids or debris. A shopper injured in a fall in the aisle may be entitled to compensation and Bader & Yakaitis, LLP has the experience to fight for them.

Mugged in Building or Assaulted In Building

When a business or property owner fails to provide a safe environment for employees, customers, and visitors, bad things happen. Inadequate security creates the danger of mugging, assault, rape, abduction, or stabbing. The serious injuries or deaths that stem from improper lighting, unsafe locks and the absence of other safety measures are entirely preventable. Bader & Yakaitis, LLP commits its experience, knowledge and fighting prowess to making the property owner pay for crimes committed at apartment buildings, hotels, motels, shopping centers, and other locations. We have helped innocent victims recover damages from landlords, building owners and managers who failed to provide the safe environment the law demands.

Our partner Paul Yakaitis obtained a $1,125,000 verdict for a female tenant who suffered an assault due to inadequate door locks. Also, as one of our skilled slip and fall lawyers, Paul helped a client win a $1.2 million verdict that will compensate her for the fractured leg she suffered as a result of a slippery floor at a national department store in Queens. Paul also successfully negotiated a $1.8 million settlement for a 40-year-old Queens’ woman who was assaulted by an intruder in the laundry room of her apartment building.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on any property owned by another person, contact Bader & Yakaitis, LLP. Our lawyers are available to confidentially discuss your premises liability lawsuit and fight for all the compensation you deserve.