Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Bus Accidents

Bus passengers deserve to arrive at their destinations safely, however, many do not. Bus drivers should be qualified, trained and supervised, while equipment and roadways are to be maintained, but many are not.

Bader & Yakaitis, LLP represents victims hurt in bus accidents. We aggressively pursue the bus driver, company, manufacturer and the transportation authorities that caused your injury. If you were injured while being a bus passenger or occupant of another car hit by a bus, call our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys for a free and confidential review of your case.

Subway Accidents

About 4.9 million people ride New York’s subways daily, and 1.5 billion ride the system each year. When subway accidents occur, innocent people are injured or worse. Injuries and deaths occur even more frequently at subway stations, through slips and falls on platforms, stairways or escalators. The transit authorities and its employees are responsible for providing a safe train and station. Many fail to do so. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury at any New York subway station or on a train, the New York subway accident attorneys at Bader & Yakaitis, LLP will use their knowledge and experience to make the responsible pay.

Ferry Boat Accident

Accidents caused by negligent, careless, inexperienced or even intoxicated ferry boat operators can leave passengers suffering from catastrophic injuries or worse. Bader & Yakaitis, LLP fights to make the boat owner, and/or operator pay for the harm caused.